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Pets hold a cherished place in your family, yet they can create chaos in your lawn and home. Despite your efforts to preserve an attractive yard, your dogs can cause yellowed spots, bare patches, and excavation. And, of course, the persistent issue of muddy paws! If this situation resonates with you, artificial pet turf presents the ideal resolution.

If you think owning a pet is easy, talk with dog owners who maintain a natural grass lawn. Be ready to listen to hear stories about their dogs and natural grass. Think about the following: numerous holes throughout the yard, mud, plants wilting due to dog waste, and many other challenges. However, you don't need to experience this. Our pet turf offers short pile heights and special backing, ensuring effortless waste cleanup. Additionally, this grass is resilient against heavy activity and play from your four-legged friends, providing you with assurance that your investment in turf will have lasting value. We create top-notch synthetic grass tailored for dogs and dedicated pet turf solutions.

Sunnyvale Artificial Grass is an expert creation tailored to dogs' needs. Our dog-friendly grass is a favorite among pet owners and furry companions because it resembles a natural lawn. It creates a delightful and secure setting for pets and people to enjoy playtime together. The durability of our synthetic dog turf ensures its longevity and beauty, even in the face of the most energetic pets. Our distinctive drainage system operates more efficiently, allowing urine to dry quickly. Cleanup is effortless, whether it involves picking up waste or using a hose to wash it away. Synthetic grass demands minimal upkeep, and, most importantly, it remains accessible all year round. 

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Personalized for Your Pet

We suggest two main categories of synthetic turf ideal for dogs. However, various artificial grass offerings work well for pet spaces. Whether it's a small-spaced residential pet area or a large pet park, we have a suitable solution to personalize your space without breaking the bank. Understanding that each pet owner has unique requirements, we prioritize determining the perfect blend of artificial grass products, installation techniques, and maintenance routine that aligns with your distinct demands and usage. We specialize in tailoring the design and installation of artificial turf to accommodate dogs, cats, and other needy pets. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

  • Vibrant Green Grass

    • Unlike natural grass, artificial grass maintains its original appearance without the hassle of constant upkeep.

  • A Clean Space

    • Regardless of the weather, synthetic grass prevents dirt and mud from sticking to your pets and being tracked into your home.

  • Regulates Odor

    • For every pet installation, we incorporate odor-absorbing infill, which diminishes 80% of the odors stemming from ammonia in pet waste.

  • Maintains Grass Temperature

    • Our pet deodorizing infill aids in maintaining grass coolness, all without blocking drainage or causing harm to the grass quality.

  • Keeps a Healthy Home

    • Our artificial grass creates a pest-free setting, effectively resisting fleas, ticks, and other pests, which prevents disease transmission.

There are no commitments here– don't hesitate to reach out for a free quote, and we'll guarantee to offer the lowest price for top-notch quality.

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