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Are you fond of golf but dislike the hassle it demands to reach the course? Why not play the game from the comfort of your backyard? Artificial grass-gutting greens bring immense value to any residential environment. They offer year-round usability and enjoyment. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf demands minimal maintenance, allowing you to dedicate more time to refining your putting techniques and less time worrying about maintenance. Top-notch putting greens become a vital training aid if you're keen on honing your putting, pitching, and chipping skills. Our artificial putting green turf and golf grass offerings stand as the finest available. Through a fusion of thorough research, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and premium materials, we engineer our artificial putting green turf to imitate the performance of professional-grade natural golf grass, providing genuine ball roll and feeling.

Sunnyvale Artificial Grass installers use exclusive technology, specialized training, and installation methods to produce the utmost quality and lifelike artificial golf turf. We also recognize that only some golfers have the room or resources to establish a vast golf course in their backyard. Nevertheless, we offer cost-effective solutions. Our professional installers can quickly convert almost any level area into an ideal golf game spot. We offer synthetic lawns that are made of soft materials, making them extra soft, non-harmful, and hypoallergenic to the touch. Our installation incorporates additional padding, ensuring your yard guarantees a secure and healthy space for children and adults to enjoy some golf.

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Putting Green Attributes

Below are some distinctive attributes of our top-rated artificial grass putting greens:

  • Tailored to suit any use

  • Quickly assembled putting greens that you can access.

  • Resistance to varying weather conditions

  • Authentic synthetic grass with professional-level performance

  • Maintains vivid color and lifelike texture year-round

  • Protection against UV rays

  • Crafted using 100% Nylon fibers for long-lasting beauty and durability

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The Rise of Artificial Putting Greens

We are seeing a gradual rise in the use of both residential and commercial settings to utilize golf greens. Homeowners, as well as condominium and townhouse complexes, along with hotels, are incorporating private greens on their premises. Sunnyvale Artificial Grass offers a variety of turf products tailored to various golf green uses. We provide the industry's leading golf products for top-tier golf greens. Our sand-filled short-game green solutions comprise sturdy polypropylene fibers strategically designed to enhance ball reaction and overall performance.

Our golf greens imitate natural greens and are adept at accommodating chips and pitches, rendering them suitable for residential or commercial practice areas, golf courses, and educational institutions. Sunnyvale Artificial Grass creates a turf specifically made to replicate the genuine green to cater to players' performance while demanding only a fraction of the maintenance.

It is time you have an artificial putting green installed. Our team of Sunnyvale Artificial Grass experts can guide you in utilizing synthetic grass to convert your backyard into a haven for golf enthusiasts. Furthermore, we extend putting green installations for enterprises and various other commercial ventures! We would be thrilled to connect if you're interested in learning more about setting up personalized artificial golf turf. Our passionate installers in golf run deep, and we're consistently delighted to engage with like-minded individuals who share our passion.

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